Chocolate macarons

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Macarons have somewhat become the signature style of fancy french baking. It is commonly acknowledged that if you can make macarons, you've reached a new level as a baker.

That's why ever since I started baking, it has been a personnal challenge of mine to achive macaron perfection. That being said I realize I still have my work cut out for me to make the best macaron out there, but once I mastered a few tricks, macarons became a lot easier to bake.

This time around I wanted a full proof recipe that incorporated the taste of dark chocolate in the sweet macaron shells without overpowering the original taste. So I looked at one of my favourite chefs for inspiration, chef Olivier Lainé, that was kind enough to share his professional recipe.

At first I was a bit intimidated, this is a five-star hotel recipe after all, but once I broke down the recipe steps I recognized some of the classical techniques for making macarons.

If you're new to macarons, let me break it down for you: you need to make a sort of almond paste, a meringue and combine to two to make the macaron shells.

In hindsight, I believe that the most critical aspect of making macarons is the last step : mixing the meringue and the almond paste. If you over mix them, then the macarons won't form well when baking.

The perfect macaron batter is one that's a bit shiny but is still thick.

For the filling I went with a dark chocolate ganache. You can make the ganache a day ahead and let it cool in the fridge. If you do, you need to take it out an hour before use so it won't be too hard to pipe.

  • A piping bag with a small tip

  • A baking tray

  • A thermometer

  • An electric mixer or a stand mixer


Macaron shells

For the almond paste

  • 125 g almond powder

  • 125 g icing sugar

  • 6 g cocoa powder

  • 50 g egg white

For the meringue

  • 110 g sugar

  • 35 g water

  • 50 g egg white

Chocolate ganache

  • 90 g heavy cream

  • 90 g dark chocolate

  • 20 g butter

How To

Chocolate ganache

  • Melt the chocolate (either in the microwave or using a double boiler).

  • In the meantime, heat the heavy cream.

  • Pour the cream on the chocolate little by little and mix. It is very important not to add the cream all at once.

  • Add the butter and mix until it melts.

  • Let the ganache cool in the fridge for at least two hours (idealy overnight).

  • Take the ganache out of the fridge an hour before filling the macarons.

Macaron shells

  • Sift and mix together the powdered sugar and almond powder. Add the egg whites and the cocoa powder.

  • Mix until the ingredients are completely incorporated. The almond paste is ready.

  • For the meringue, mix the sugar and water and bring to a boil until the temperature reaches 118 ° C.

  • In the mean time, beat the remaining egg whites, using an electric mixer.

  • Pour the hot syrup (sugar and water) over the whipped egg whites. Turn the mixer to low speed until the syrup is completely incorporated.

  • Beat at high speed until the meringue has cooled.

  • Add a little meringue to the almond paste and mix gently. Continue adding the meringue and mixing until the batter becomes smooth. Be careful not to mix the batter too much otherwise the macarons will not form correctly when baking.

  • Pipe the macarons with a 10 mm piping tip and leave to rest for 15 minutes before baking.

  • Preheat the oven to 150 °C and bake for 10 to 15 min.


  • Put the ganache in a piping bag with a 10 mm tip.

  • Pipe a little ganache on a shell and put another on top then press lightly.

  • Let set in the fridge for a few hours. Take out of the fridge 30 min before serving.

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