Chocolate Tigré

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Tiger cake is one of my childhood desserts, which I associate with those sweet after school moments. I still remember the soft taste and the chocolate ganache in the middle that adds a touh of bitterness to the cake.

With this memory in mind, I decided to share with you this delicious dessert, ideal for snacking and pleases foodies of all generations !

This recipe is quite easy, and it takes very little time to make. The small technical point here is probably the "caramelized" butter. We call caramelized butter the butter that we heat until it gets a golden or even brown colour and gives off a nice hazelnut smell. This method caramelizes the milk proteins that are present in the butter, which gives it such a pleasant aroma.

Before it can be incorporated into the tigré batter, the butter must be allowed to cool and then brought back down to room temperature to prevent the chocolate chips from melting.

  • Tigré mould

  • Piping bag (optional)


Tigré batter

  • 75 g butter

  • 50 g almond powder

  • 85 g icing sugar

  • 25 g flour

  • 75 g egg white

  • 40 g chocolate chips

  • Pinch of salt

Chocolate ganache

  • 40 g dark chocolate

  • 35 g heavy cream

How To

Tigré batter

  • Start by making the caramelized butter: in a saucepan over medium heat, heat the butter until it becomes light brown and has a hazelnut smell. Allow to return to room temperature before use.

  • Sieve the icing sugar, almond powder, salt and flour and mix together.

  • Add the egg whites and mix.

  • Add the chocolate chips and mix.

  • Transfer the tigré batter into the mould using a pastry bag or spoon.

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C and bake for 15 minutes.

  • Unmould and let cool before garnishing with ganache.

Chocolate ganache

  • Warm the heavy cream and melt the chocolate.

  • Pour the cream over the chocolate three times while stirring.

  • Put a small amount of ganache in the cavity of the tigré using a piping bag or a spoon.

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