Mirror glaze

  • 100 g condensed unsweetened milk

  • 150 g glucose syrup

  • 150 g sugar

  • 10 g gelatin (approx. 4 sheets)

  • 75 g of water

  • 150 g chocolate

  • Food colouring powder

How to

Step by step mirror glazing

  1. Put the gelatin sheets in cold water and leave for about 15 min.

  2. Put the glucose, sugar and water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Remove from heat when the mixture reaches 108 °C.

  3. In a long container (like the one for the hand mixer) add the white chocolate, the condensed milk, the food colouring and the gelatin.

  4. Pour the hot sugar and glucose mixture into a high edge container and mix using a hand blender. Be careful, it is very important to mix by lightly tilting the container so as not to incorporate air bubbles in the mirror glaze.

  5. Let cool and use at 30 ° on a frozen cake.

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